Activating the Indian Biomass Pellet Mill market

As early market movers CPM Global Biomass Group and NXT TRADE partnered with a sole vision to implement sustainable technology solutions for the handling and processing of agricultural and municipal solid waste streams to activate the Indian Biomass Pellet Mill market.

Sales & Marketing

Partner CPM Europe
Brand CPM Global Biomass Group
Business Line Pelleting Equipmemt
Services Market Expansion Services, including: Import Management, Marketing, Sales, Comissioning, Distribution, Logistics and After-Sales services
Markets India


CPM Global Biomass Group

CPM Biomass Division leads the way in developing specialized pellet mills and dies to produce biomass pellets efficiently and economically.

CPM Pelleting Equipment

Partner feedback

“Partnering with NXT TRADE in India has proven to be the most pragmatic way to enter into and develop a new market. With NXT TRADE we have found a partner which has proven to able to bring the CPM dna and products into the Indian market and steadily grow the business through its existing presence and infrastructure in the Indian market. Our partnership has allowed us to test and develop new market and segments and create a solid CPM sales proposition in the Indian market.”

Maarten Visser, General Manager, CPM Americas & EMEA
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