We are aMulti-Market DistributionPlatform

Freight carrier

NXT supports Brands and Manufacturers to grow business in existing and expand into new international markets. What sets our Platform apart is its reach into 4 economic regions and 30+ markets. Our on the ground capabilities, high degree of agility and scalability is unrivaled.

Thousands of goods pass through NXT’s platform every year. For that to happen, our international ecosystem connects hundreds of channels with leading Brands and Manufacturers, all with the goal of meeting consumer demand. We focus on managing value chain complexities and risk to maximize your future business value.
Starting with product positioning and market development and including from regulatory to sourcing and shipping, sales and distribution, marketing, logistics and more, we offer end-to-end services for all stakeholders in the product value chain. Our offices and teams are based in 4 economic regions, have a combined reach into 30+ markets, and provide the expertise and extensive network of value chain partners needed to meet the diverse needs of international Partners.
Visual End-to-End Value Chain

We are creating the Value Chain of the Future

International trade is undergoing a massive change and disruption, and this has resulted in a transformational change to traditional sales and distribution as well as sourcing and shipping.

At NXT, we’re following our vision of building a digital value chain with innovative services and solutions to help our Partners navigate the now economy. A digital international value chain will enable NXT to become a disruptor in international trade and commerce, delivering data-driven insights for faster, smarter business decisions.

We are working towards digitalizing each step of the value chain so that data capture can provide transparency for our stakeholders. This means we can stay ahead of market developments, capture and share data across the entire value chain to enable smarter, faster and more effective decisions, ensuring sustainable business growth.

Working with Brands and Manufacturers

We offer the flexibility for our Partners to choose from a number of different business models (including that of an importer, exporter, local sales office, local procurement office, wholesaler or supplier). This unique model enables us to work with any type of Partner from brands to manufacturers, whether they sell online, offline, omni-channel, multi-channel, and under any type of partnership.

From consumer goods, apparel, ingredients, API’s, CapEx to raw materials, at the heart of our business is a passion to create the optimal value chain that supports our Partners’ growth in both new and existing markets.


Working with strategic service providers

We partner with our strategic service providers to focus on capacity and capability building enabling them to enlarge their international reach and presence, introducing greater efficiency and supporting our Partners to improve customer experience to meet ever-changing consumer expectations.

Our strategic service providers are in all our key markets allowing us to flexibly move products across markets and channels, balance availability constrains and better meet customer demand.

Our business structure

The business structure of the NXT GROUP is designed to meet our Partners changing needs. Our businesses include value chain solutions, market expansion services, business support services, logistics solutions and onshore wholesale possibilities in Europe, APAC and North America.

While we maintain our core sales and distribution services, we have moved beyond the traditional role of an agent, importer and distributor. We have become a platform for all of our value chain partners – connecting Brands and Manufacturers with end customers as never before.

Our mission is to revolutionize international trade and create an optimal value chain which enhances the business value of our Partners by charging solely for the usage of our platform and capabilities, thereby fostering optimal margin development and promoting the development of sustainable markets.

To deliver local Growth, Presence and Grip and enhance the volume of trading transactions and activities of our Partners we can provide the needed capabilities to support the expansion and entry of our Partners in different international markets.

Our team of specialists can be allocated to support your business in the areas of Business Development and Sales, Channel Management, Online Market Place Management, Performance Marketing, Brand Management, Vendor Management, Finance & Administration, Supply Chain Management and Human Resources.

With our offices closely connected with transport and logistics services providers NXT can provide freight forwarding, logistics and fulfillment services. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your products are transported strategically and cost-effectively. Our supply chain control tower oversees all stock movements and positions on our platform and our expertise allows us to optimize your allocated capital.
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