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NXT TRADE supports Technology & Performance Material brands and producers and provides direct international market access in Europe, Turkey and India.

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4 Key Export Markets
4 Trading Companies
3 Sourcing Hubs

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NXT GREEN provides Energy Companies, Power Corporations & Large Industries the infrastructure which delivers the transformation of biomass into commodity products.

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4 Biomass Forms
4 Sourcing Hubs
12 Processing Partners

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NXT eCOM supports Consumer Brands by providing an international omni-channel infrastructure into multiple export markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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9 Key Export Markets
68 Online Market Places
1.500+ Distribution Points


NXT GREEN conducts feasibility study for Sembcorp

NXT GREEN conducts feasibility study for Sembcorp

Sembcorp Industries, an international energy and urban solutions provider, contacted NXT GROUP to gain insights in and know-how of the Indian biomass market. The company, headquartered in Singapore, leverages its sector expertise and global track record to deliver...

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Berg Toys makes major leap forward in Turkey

Berg Toys makes major leap forward in Turkey

Berg Toys and NXT eCOM agreed to partner in the Turkish market in 2021. The focus and mandate of NXT eCOM in year-one was to re-activate the Turkish market by scaling up local omni-channel presence and activate a growth in sales. The launching year was 2022, in which...

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‘Don’t do it the Dutch way. Respect local culture!’

‘Don’t do it the Dutch way. Respect local culture!’

To ensure a smooth transition and maximum productivity of an international company operating in foreign markets, one of the main factors for success is to try and adapt to and respect local culture, without losing the global corporate identity. As an international...

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