We support companies to grow business in existing markets and expand into new ones.

NXT Group of Companies

The NXT Group comprises of a network with 14 operating companies, with own operations in 5 countries across 4 continents, exporting products and services to over 15 countries. NXT companies employ over 60 people worldwide.

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NXT Group of Companies

Head Office

The NXT Group is the leading Market Expansion Services provider in The Netherlands with a strong focus on emerging markets.

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NXT International Advisory Services


The NXT Enterprise services division was established in 2015 based on a cooperation between Trade & Investment Center (2003) and NexusNovus (2008).

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NXT Enterprise

  • Research & Studies
  • Modelling
  • Enterprise Services
  • Market-Entry Consultancy
  • Lobby & Liaison Services
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NXT International Trade & Agency Services


The NXT Trade services division was established in 2015 based on a merger between the Turkish company WestMountain Trading Ltd. (2009) and the Indian company NNI&D Pvt. Ltd. (2011).

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NXT Trade

  • Performance Materials
  • Technology Equipment
  • Sourcing & Production
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • After-Sales Services
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NXT eCommerce Solutions


The NXT eCOM services division was established in 2019. The increasing number of FMCG partners and related omni-channel trading volumes pushed for the formation of a separate eCommerce division.

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  • Consumer Goods
  • Online Channel Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-fulfillment Logistics
  • Market Data Analysis
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NXT International Strategy Services


The NXT Strategy services division has been formed in 2016 as a result of the increased demand for strategy-through-execution services.

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NXT Strategy

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Payroll & Expense Management
  • Secretarial Services (Back-Office)
  • Staff Recruitment
  • HR Support
  • Company Formation
  • Management Representation
  • Board Member Services
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NXT Technology & Equipment


NXT Technology & Equipment Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2020 and is an Indian subsidiary of the NXT TRADE division. NXT TECH is specialized in durable equipment solutions for the Indian biomass industry.

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NXT Tech

  • Equipment Sales
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Spare Parts
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NXT Green India


NXT GREEN is operational in the Indian market and matches the various sources of biomass with the demand of biofuels, biopower and bioproducts by operating an efficient supply chain infrastructure which delivers the conversion.

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NXT Green

  • Sourcing
  • Processing
  • Quality Control
  • Packing
  • Transport & Supply
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Holland House Serviced Offices


The Holland House Services Offices are operated by the NXT Group in India and Turkey.

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Holland House Serviced Offices

  • Registered Address
  • Serviced, Virtual and Shared Offices
  • Meeting Room Facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Coffee & Drinks

Our Partnerships

The NXT Group is dedicated to the objective of building sustainable profitability and productivity through partnerships with leading companies in international markets.
Dev. Pro. Food logo

Dev. Pro. Food India Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore, India

Dev. Pro. Food in India develops and produces innovative food products with high-quality ingredients and imports these into the Indian market. Products are offered omni-channel.

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Dev. Pro. Food India

  • FMCG Food Producer
  • European Production Partners
  • FSSAI Compliant
  • Omni-Channel Sales
  • Pan-India Sales Presence
Happy Toppings logo

Happy Toppings Netherlands B.V.

Hoorn, Netherlands

Happy Toppings is a producer of toppings and inclusions that can add texture, taste and visual appeal to a wide range of products, including ice cream, baked goods, desserts, yoghurts, confectionary and snack bars.

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Happy Toppings

  • Production of Inclusions
  • Production of Toppings
  • B2B and B2C Packaging
  • Strategic Supplier of the European Dairy, Ice-Cream, Bakery and Snacking industry
BigBasket logo

BigBasket Europe B.V.

Halfweg, Netherlands

BigBasket Europe is a Netherlands based European online wholesale and grocery multi-brand store of leading FMCG companies who seak a platform to have their products and brands listed on an independent platform and have their products and brands supplied to leading European market places like Amazon Europe.

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Bigbasket Europe

  • B2B online wholesaler
  • Amazon Europe Vendor
  • Private Label Supplier
NXT Group of Companies
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