Our expertise: Market Expansion Services

The NXT Group helps companies to grow their business in existing markets and expand into new ones. We are experts in managing a company’s overall internationalization process.

We deliver services our business partners need to achieve their international growth ambitions. Our services are described as Market Expansion Services.

Our service proposition

We help our partners to grow their international business by providing them with a broad range of specialized services along the value chain: from market analyses, feasibility studies, sourcing, marketing and sales to distribution and logistics and structuring and managing of our partners local presence.

It’s all customized

Our services are tailored to the selected market and the needs of our partners and their customers.

Adding value is our core competency

In everything we do we add value to our clients’ businesses

We want to be integrated

Because we integrate our processes with the operation of our business partners and take the responsibility for their products and branding in our markets, our Market Expansion Services offer more than just outsourcing some basic functions. Contrary to typical outsourcing services which are aimed at ‘cost reduction’ the NXT Group wants to become an integrated party in the operations of our partners enabling us to achieve top- and bottom-line growth, increase market shares, penetrate and cover new markets and reduce complexity in the overall value chain.

The NXT philosophy and mindset

Our business is about more then acting as a ‘sales agent’ or ‘distributor’. Our philosophy is all about taking responsibility for the goods and brands of our partners. Our minds are set on serving our partners in the most pro-active way and delivering strategic advice based on solid industry and market experience, the know-how and networks of our NXT specialists working for us on-the-ground in our home-markets. We continuously gather market data from thousands of primaries and translate this into valuable up-to-date market information and advice.

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