NXT eCOM once again initiated new Amazon brand stores for its partners in the summer months.

The companies for which we started new brand store operations are:

  • Yoni.care brand store on Amazon India
  • Dev. Pro. Food brand store on Amazon India & Amazon Europe
  • Max & Alex Cookies brand store on Amazon Netherlands and Germany

Yoni is a Dutch company in the menstrual product market, offering a growing collection of sustainable period products without chemicals and plastic. They produce biodegradable, certified organic cotton tampons, pads and pantyliners, as well as plastic- and chemical-free menstrual cups, period-proof underwear and pee leaks.

Dev. Pro. Food Group is a developers and producers company, which has unique recipes, innovative products, high-quality ingredients, a transparent supply chain, straight from the producer. The aim of DEV. PRO. is to develop and produce innovative fruit snacking products with high-quality ingredients and to introduce a healthy and conscious way of snacking for millennials, young adults and parents.

Max & Alex Cookies produces, among other things, the most popular and tastiest biscuits in the Netherlands, the syrup waffle. It all started in a small bakery in Gouda and has grown ever since, while retaining its authenticity. The Stroopwafel & Co bakeries use their own traditional recipe for Max & Alex Cookies. This gives that familiar and addictive taste of the traditional syrup waffle. As well as Max & Alex Syrup Waffles, Stroopwafel & Co offers a varied range of other authentic Dutch biscuits, such as Dutch Max & Alex Cracknels and Max & Alex Cinnamon Sticks.

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