NXT eCOM Europe started a partnership with Amazon Europe in July 2021 to supply a wide range of cookies from its FMCG partner Dutch company Hellema.

At the end of 2020, NXT eCOM started with the online sales activation of the Hellema Country Cookies and so-called “Smoeltjes” on Bol.com and Amazon in the Netherlands and Germany.

After the launch of the Amazon brand stores in the Netherlands and Germany in April 2021 and the activation of the FBA operation for Hellema’s products, the milestone has now been reached that Amazon will purchase Hellema’s cookies for the German-speaking markets.

NXT eCOM activates the ecommerce sales and provides fulfillment and marketplace management for Hellema and will take further steps in the coming periods with the activation of more cookie varieties on Amazon in Europe.

Hellema has grown from a small family confectionary bakery in 1861 into an international developer, producer, and supplier of cookies, bars & bites in over ninety countries all over the world. A family-owned company maintaining a fast and flexible approach to product innovation.