NXT TRADE India has delivered and installed two 2 tph and one 3 tph biomass production facilities in India for its technology partner CPM Global Biomass Group. Installation and test phases were completed on all plants in August 2021: the two 2 tph plants in Gandhidham and the 3 tph plant in Karnataka.

India’s growing economy continues to drive up the need for energy and the Indian government aims to keep up with the growing need and preferably with “greener” methods. Aiming to implement sustainable solutions for the handling of agricultural and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) streams. Promoting the installation of biomass power plants remains an item on the Modi government agenda.
The Biomass Pellet Mills will be producing biomass pellets, which is a type of biomass fuel. These fuels are used in energy power plants or boilers in factories to produce heat.

CPM Global Biomass Group and NXT TRADE India partnered in 2019 and were the early movers in the Indian biomass market. Today the CPM Global Biomass Group presence in India is steadily developing and NXT TRADE will launch a new set of services for Indian biomass equipment buyers in the course of 2021.

Over more than 30 years, CPM Europe has grown to become a global leader in high-end equipment for pelleting and grinding a large variety of wood and agricultural products. Durable equipment and solutions for the biomass industry. CPM’s equipment processes hard and softwoods, torrefied wood, straw, grass, husks as well as fast-growing fuel crops worldwide.

One of the features their customers value most about the equipment and solutions is durability. Durability is crucial in this segment of the market where the load on the equipment can be extreme while using it 24/7, 365 days a year. CPM offers tailored solutions for the whole process: grinding, conditioning, pelleting, cooling, and screening.