ETI GIDA manufactures and distributes food products. The company is one of the leading brands in Turkey’s snack industry. It produces biscuits, cookies, crackers, cakes, tarts, chocolate and chocolate products, wafers, toasted bread, breakfast cereals, frozen products, chilled snacks, and baby products. ETI operates seven factories throughout Turkey, one in the Romanian city of Craiova, and distributes food products worldwide. The company employs approximately 7.000 people and is one of the top 30 industrial corporations in Turkey.

Established in 1932, Dutch company Jonge Poerink Conveyors has developed into a globally acknowledged specialist in reliable internal conveying systems.

JPC is known worldwide as the premium manufacturer of conveyors. Its expertise features custom conveyors in addition to standard curves, spiral, and transfer conveyors. They are designed in accordance with the latest hygienic standards for the food processing industry.

JPC owes its prominent market position to a constant awareness of discovering and adopting new technologies. This innovative drive remains at the core of the company. Their product developers and engineers are constantly searching for efficient new applications as well as ways to make the current systems work even better.

NXT TRADE activates both the Turkish and Indian markets for JPC, implements the market entry strategies, and provides marketing & sales, technology engineering, distribution & logistics, and after-sales services.