Activating the Turkish market for Indian companies has become a fact! As per 16 July 2019, NXT Trade & Agency Services Turkey Ltd. Sti. (NXT TRADE Turkey) will activate the sales and act as the trading partner in the Turkish market for the Indian company Orion Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd.

NXT TRADE will focus on capitalizing sales opportunities for Orion in Turkey’s large animal feed market. In Turkey over 1.300 companies are active in producing animal feed, all making use of feed-mill equipment. Wear and tear in the sector are common facts, however, the availability of quality spare parts supplied through a diligent supply model is not present within the sector.

NXT TRADE investigated the global market of the roller and dies producers and concluded that the Indian market held some prime players. The Indian office of NXT TRADE and the Punjab based company Orion Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. came to an agreement on activating the Turkish market.

As the representative office of Orion Engineering Works, NXT TRADE will focus on activating and developing sales in the Turkish market. Additionally, NXT TRADE provides its infrastructure to ensure Turkish buyers can buy Orion spare-parts on a DDP base. From being a distant supplier based in India, NXT TRADE ensure Orion becomes a local player in Turkey.

Rajkiran Marella, Head of Sales & Business Development of NXT India: The Turkish market is still a relatively unknown market for Indian exporters. The Turkish ambition to significantly increase its export base is a perfect match for a manufacturing country like India which is able to provide equipment and spare parts. Our teams in Turkey and India were able to successfully join forces and match demand from Turkey with the availability in India. The Turkish animal-feed sector represents a significant installed base of pellet mills, wear and tear or roller and dies is significant and the Turkish markets dire need for replacement parts could not be satisfied from the Western markets. India showed us the place to be. We are proud that we could join forces with Orion Engineering Works and create their local presence in Turkey. I am convinced that our team will be successful in activating Orion sales in Turkey.”

Nikhil Devgun, Managing Director of Orion Engineering Works: At first we really never thought of expanding our empire outside India but when you guys approached us with an idea of expanding our empire by joining hands with you guys to enter the Turkish market and thus we at first were really astonished by seeing the demand of dies and rollers and infrastructure that the Turkish market has and we were really are excited to expand our business internationally. You guys provided us the opportunity to help us grow internationally and thus we hope that we will achieve great heights of success by joining hands with NXT Trade, Turkey.

About Orion Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd: Orion Engineering Works develops and exports a wide range of equipment to make life easier for agriculturalists with facilitating the varied processing mechanisms. Based in Punjab, India, they are amongst the top Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Feed Mill Spare Parts, Pellet Mill Ring Die, Pellet Machine Ring Die, Pellet Die or Gun Drilling Die, Hammer Mill Sieves, Hammer Mill Beaters and many more

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