Creating omni-channel availability of Marzipan and Fondant

Growing the sales of food ingredients by running an efficient sample product supply chain into the Indian market.

Sales & Marketing

Partner NMK Esbaco
Brand XXChef, Voila Home Bakery
Busines Line Ingredients
Services Market Expansion Services, including: Sourcing, Import/Export Management, Marketing, Sales, Logistics
Markets India

NMK Esbaco

logo NMK Esbaco
NMK Esbaco is global player in the production of bakery ingredients; marzipan, almond paste, rolled icing and fruit fillings.

Baking Products

Partner feedback

“NMK uses NXT’s international infrastructure to gain direct market access in Turkey and India. We entrust NXT with managing our supply chain of industrial bakery products into these markets and in return NXT provides us with control over cost and regulatory compliance. Additionally, NXT enables NMK to offer our products directly to end clients in India and Turkey. Our sales proposition has therefore improved,  since more potential customer have direct access to our products.”

Frans Putters, Member of the Board, NMK Esbaco
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