Transforming Feedstock into a High Quality Biomass commodity

Developing and Implementing an efficient biomass supply system and infrastructure in India to support the energy strategy of a leading Energy Company.

Sourcing, Resizing & Supplying

Partner Global Energy Company
Input Wood Chips & Saw Dust Feedstock
Output Wood based Biomass
Business Line Feed Stock / Agricultural Waste
Services Market Expansion Services, including: Sourcing, Vendor Management, Import/Export Management, Processing, Quality Control, Supply Chain Management
Markets India, Australia, USA

Global Energy Company

energy partner case
Our Partner is a Global Energy Company and frontrunner in the development of new renewable energy solutions and biofuels.

Wood Based Feedstock

Feedstock Sourced by NXT is subject to a multi-step process to produce and supply raw materials to Energy Companies.

Partner feedback

“In 2019, I foresaw the impending challenges for Energy Companies, Large Industries, and Power Corporations as they grappled with the growing demand for feedstocks to replace coal and produce BioFuels on a global scale. It led me to ask, how could NXT help these companies navigate this evolving landscape? The answer was simple: adapt the successful NXT concept we had developed for Manufacturers & Brands.

In 2022, we officially introduced the NXT GREEN platform and commenced operations in India, providing instant market access for international Energy Companies, Power Corporations, and Large Industries. Our mission is to equip them with the essential knowledge, infrastructure, and seamless delivery of biomass commodities and renewable energy technologies to meet the demands of the future.”

Michael Westenberg, Founder & CEO, NXT Group of Companies

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